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Rmy International with over 25 years of experience in the Marble & ONYX business, we have the know-how and expertise to be able to offer products of outstanding quality. Our products are precision-manufactured and beautifully finished to meet/exceed all international standards/requirements, specifications, Thickness, Polishing and tolerances.Rmy deals with Natural stones, such as :Marble ( Indus Gold Marble, Black & Gold Marble, Verona Marble, Tervera Marble, Tippi Marble, Sahara Beige Marble, Royal Beige Marble, Fancy Grey Marble, Sahara Gold Marble, Verona Marble, Perleno Marble, Oceanic Marble, Deeraj Beige Marble, Teak wood Marble, Crema Rosa Marble 

Onyx ( Green Onyx, Dark Green Onyx, Light Green Onyx, Multi Green Onyx, Multi Light Green Onyx, Red Onyx, Multi Red Onyx, Brown Onyx, Multi Brown Onyx, Yellow Onyx, Multi Yellow Onyx, Rainbow Onyx, White Onyx) , Travertine, Gem Stone, Precious Stone, Semi Precious Stone.

Rmy  has been a supplier of quality Marble and Onyx tile flooring products and materials for last 25 years and have worked hard to build a solid business reputation throughout the World Marble & Onyx supply industry.

Rmy International has ability to export from Pakistan to the international Marble & Onyx markets like USA, Middle East, Asia, Europe keeping on competitive prices with best quality.

Rmy International produce these products:  Marble & Onyx Tiles, Marble & Onyx Mosaic Tiles, Marble & Onyx moldings, Marble & Onyx Sinks & Basins, Marble & Onyx Pedestals Sinks, Marble & Onyx bathtubs, Marble & Onyx Pedestals, Marble & Onyx Columns, Marble & Onyx Balustrade, Marble & Onyx Knobs Pulls, Marble & Onyx Planters, Marble & Onyx Slabs, Marble & Onyx Blocks, Marble & Onyx Bath Room accessories, Marble & Onyx Fire Places, Marble & Onyx Table Tops, Marble & Onyx Fountains ,Marble Stair Steps, Marble & Onyx Borders, Marble & Onyx Medallions, Marble & Onyx Shower Trays, Marble & Onyx Handicrafts Products, Jade Stone, Amethyst Stone, Antimony, Soap Stone and other Marble & Onyx Products. * 

24 hours contact live Skype: rajpoot_germany

Rmy International

Wahcantt ,Karachi Pakistan

Tel: +92 300 7104361

Fax: +92 526 917598

Email: info@rmyint.com

Website: www.rmyint.com

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